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Need a bit more info?

You’ve had an accident and feel you deserve compensation, but beyond that there may be a lot to consider before making a claim. That’s why we have tried to pull together all the information you might need to help you make the right decision.

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How will I know if I have a claim?

As it’s not something people expect to happen to them, most people don’t know much about claiming compensation for an injury. Even if you do, each injury, and therefore each claim is very different. To make things a bit clearer, we’ve put together a quick guide which helps explain how to find out if you can make a claim.

To make a claim, the accident must have happened in the last three years (there are some exceptions), and it must have been at least partly someone else’s fault. If it isn’t clear who is to blame we can help you work that out.

There aren’t any strict rules on what kind of accident you can claim for, nor how serious the accident must be. Even a minor injury can result in real losses. The best way to work out if your injury is something you could claim for is simply to call us on or fill in the online form on our website.

You might need evidence of your accident, such as witness statements or photos to help your case. If you don’t have these, don’t worry as your solicitor should be able to help you with them.

Personal injury cases can be complex, so finding an expert is important. At National Accident Helpline we have a panel of highly qualified personal injury specialists, all working to high standards to meet the promises we make our customer charter, so we can help find the right solicitor for you.

Can I claim for my injury/accident type?

There aren’t any strict rules for the type of injury you can claim for – as long as it was someone else’s fault, you may be able to claim for it.

We understand that even a minor injury can lead to real losses, so you should not let the severity of your injury stop you getting in touch. The types of injury we often deal with include injuries from work, the road and from slips and trips, but there are many other causes of injuries – too many to list here.

The best way to work out if your injury is something you could claim for is simply to call us or fill in the form on our website – we’re here to help you find out if you have a claim.

Is it worth the hassle?

We recognise that you will take lots of things into account when making the decision of whether you should make a claim, and that it’s not just about money. Often, misconceptions about how much hassle it might be, and other things you have heard about the process, can get in the way of making a choice that is right for you.

You might be worried about having to fill in lots of complex forms, having to make long journeys to see a solicitor, or having to attend intimidating court hearings. Fortunately, none of these issues need to concern you. Your solicitor will fill in complex paperwork on your behalf, it is unlikely that there will be any travel involved, and fewer than 5% of our cases are required to go to court.

Our legally trained advisors will be happy to talk you through any other concerns you may have.

What happens if I decide to make a claim?

Once our legally trained advisors have established that you are able to claim, which they can normally do within minutes, they will put you through to one of our panel of specialist personal injury solicitors.

Your solicitor will then make the final assessment on your case, and if you are eligible and are happy to proceed your solicitor will then set the wheels in motion for you.

Who will be looking after my case?

Once you have started your claim with us, it will be your solicitor and their team who will look after you.

You will be assigned a dedicated case manager, and usually this person will stay with your case until it is settled to make sure things run as smoothly and easily as possible.

What will I have to do?

If you have a valid claim we do everything to ensure that the process is as clear and stress-free as possible for you. Your solicitor will work hard on your behalf to minimise what is required from you, looking after all the complicated paperwork and legal matters. You will need to sign the relevant documents and help supply certain information for your particular claim (such as releasing your doctor’s notes so your solicitor can access them), and you will also need to attend a medical assessment that will be arranged for you. But your solicitor will try to take care of everything else.

How long might it take?

Our solicitors aim to resolve each case as swiftly and efficiently as possible. However, we don’t believe in settling for what’s easy or quick, so we won’t rush things when it comes to getting you the compensation you deserve.

Simple claims can often be settled within a relatively short time, but some cases (particularly when the injury is more serious) require a different, more cautious approach and can take longer. But every case is different. Once your solicitor has gathered the information they need to take your case forward, they will be able to give you a better indication of how long it might take, and will try to keep you informed of how things are going.

What does 'no win no fee' actually mean?

Being able to get you access to ‘no win no fee’ legal help is at the heart of our service to you.

Simply put, no win no fee means that you gain access to justice without any financial risk.  If you lose, you won’t have to pay any fees whatsoever. If your claim is successful, our specialist solicitors will work hard to ensure that you recover the maximum compensation.

There are some exceptions to this, such as if you’re claiming in Scotland, and our advisors will be able to talk through this with you. Alternatively, you can find more information on our no win no fee page.

Why National Accident Helpline is right for me

National Accident Helpline was founded in 1993 with the mission of helping people get access to free legal help. It was one of the first of its kind in this country.

There are now lots of personal injury claims companies out there, but unfortunately some of these do not offer the type of help and support accident sufferers need.

National Accident Helpline is a friendly, inclusive company that puts its customers’ best interests first. People can come to us to find out more about claiming, feeling secure in the knowledge that they’re surrounded by like-minded people who want to help them make the best choice

Will I have to go to court?

The majority of personal injury cases are settled without going to court. Your solicitor will negotiate on your behalf and keep you informed on the best route to take to ensure you get the maximum compensation you deserve.

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