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What is no win no fee?

All of the solicitor firms we partner with at National Accident Helpline work on what’s called a ‘no win no fee’ basis. That means if you make a claim and it’s unsuccessful you won’t pay a thing, so claiming with us is risk-free.

There are only a few, very rare, situations where no win no fee can’t be offered – but if this affects you then it will be explained to you at the beginning so you can make an informed decision about your claim.

This section of the site answers a few of the questions we’re often asked about the no win no fee system in the UK.

So if I lose do I really pay nothing?

That’s right. If your claim is unsuccessful your solicitor simply doesn’t get paid.

With us, there are no upfront costs and no unexpected fees. Nor do we hide anything in the small print, so you can focus on getting back to full health and let our solicitors do the hard work for you, worry free.

If you do win then some of the legal fees will be paid for out of your compensation. This amount will be agreed between you and your solicitor at the start of the process so that there are no surprises.

How do I know if my claim will be successful?

Our friendly advisors can help you understand if you’re entitled to claim compensation within a couple of minutes by asking you a few questions about what happened. We start by understanding if your claim was within the last three years, and that it was someone else’s fault – such as another road user, your employer, or a shop owner. If so, you may well be entitled to compensation, and a few further details about the accident will help our team put you in touch with the right specialist solicitor. Even when you speak to a solicitor, there’s still no obligation to claim. It’s important you get the right information from the right people about your claim for compensation.

As the solicitor firm that handles your no win no fee claim will only get paid if it’s successful; it’s in their interests to only take on claims when they believe compensation will be awarded. So if one of our solicitor firms agrees to handle your claim, things are looking good!

How much compensation do I keep if I win?

The overall amount of compensation depends on the type of your injury and your individual circumstances, as all situations are unique. Your solicitor will be able to talk you through this in more detail, but to get an estimate please use our market leading compensation calculator. Unlike other compensation calculators, ours includes the expenses that may have affected you when you’ve been in an accident, as well as the compensation you might be likely to receive for the injury itself. We take into account expenses such as taxi costs; treatment and physiotherapy fees; car repairs, and the cost of care and assistance equipment.

If your claim is successful, our specialist solicitors will work hard to ensure that you recover the maximum compensation possible. Our no win no fee service is subject to the solicitor firm agreeing to take your case on as well as other limited exceptions which the solicitor firm will explain in more detail. At National Accident Helpline we only accept valid compensation claims, and take all possible measures to stop fraudulent claims.

If you win you may have to pay some legal costs from your compensation to your solicitor (this will have been fully discussed and agreed with you at the beginning of the process). In Scotland, the compensation system works slightly differently in that your solicitor’s fee may vary slightly, but claims are still handled on a no win no fee basis, so you don’t pay a penny if you don’t win.

Why is it risk free?

Claiming with National Accident Helpline is risk free because all our solicitors work on a no win no fee basis. No win no fee means that if you don’t win, then there aren’t any costs to you.

It’s important to us that you only have to focus on getting back to full health, which is why there are no upfront legal fees; no risk of being out of pocket; and no hidden fees, anywhere. Our solicitors explain everything in plain English, and should you decide to make a claim, then our solicitors will explain the process simply before anything proceeds so you always know exactly where you stand.

In this section, we hope to put your mind to rest about some potential concerns, and to help you to work out whether claiming is right for you. If there is anything you are still unsure about then please give us a call on or request a call back using our simple online form. All calls are confidential, and there’s no obligation to pursue with a claim if you don’t want to.

Does 'no win no fee' really mean I won’t have to pay anything?

Put simply, there is no risk involved in making a claim, because all of our firms of solicitors can handle your claim on a no win no fee basis. There are no upfront fees, no unexpected costs, and no cost to you whatsoever if your claim isn’t won.

If your claim is successful, our specialist solicitors will work hard to ensure that you recover the maximum compensation. Some of the legal fees will be deducted from your compensation, should you win, all of which will be explained to you by your solicitor before you commit to claiming.

Our no win no fee service is subject to the solicitor firm agreeing to take on your case. There are a few rare exceptions, which your solicitor can explain in more detail.

Will making a claim take up much of my time?

We strive to make your claim hassle-free from start to finish, and that includes making sure it doesn’t take up lots of your time.

We will find you the right solicitor for your case, so you don’t have to. They will do as much of the hard work for you as they can, leaving you to concentrate on the important things, like recovering from your accident and piecing your life back together.

Is there any small print?

Not with us! You can be confident that the service we offer really is as good as it sounds, and that we’ll give you all the information about your claim in plain English.

Any costs that may apply when a case is won will be explained by your solicitor at the very beginning – there are no unexpected costs involved in making a claim with us at any time.

But how does National Accident Helpline make money?

We are supported by our nationwide panel of personal injury solicitors, who pay us to advertise their services to accident victims – this cost has no impact on you.

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