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No matter how serious your injury, there’s no need to feel like the underdog when it comes to seeking compensation.

National Accident Helpline protects you from unexpected costs and upfront charges, and will fight your case on a No Win No Fee basis - so don't take a chance with anyone else!

At National Accident Helpline, we have combined all the experience of our legally trained advisors, our solicitor panel and even people we've helped along the way, to give you the opportunity to find out all you need to know about making a claim, so you can make a well informed decision with no pressure and no commitment.


If you do decide to go ahead with your claim, our legally trained advisors will explain the process and, where appropriate, pass you on to one of our specialist personal injury solicitors in your area within minutes. All of our solicitor firms can handle your claim on a no win no fee basis. National Accident Helpline's service is free of charge and with no obligation.


Don't miss our interactive claims process diagram, it will help you get a clear picture of the process and what is involved.


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From our experience, we know that you may feel like the underdog when claiming compensation, perhaps because you don't have any experience in dealing with solicitors, or because you think you'll have to go to court. With National Accident Helpline on your side, there's no need to feel like the underdog.

However daunting it feels, don't feel like the underdog - call us on 0800 4346 339.



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Our 5-step overview of the process.

You've had an accident and had a look at our website, now let us sort out the rest for you.

You have had an accident in the past 3 years

It was at least partly someone else's fault

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Defendant disputes your claim. Case goes to court ONLY if agreement cannot be reached

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Speaking to our Legally Trained Advisors

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What happens once you have decided to proceed?

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1. Sending an initial letter to the other side

This is called a 'Letter of Claim' - it explains that you intend to claim for your injuries which were caused by their fault.

2. Collecting medical evidence

Your solicitor will collect medical evidence from your doctors or hospital records, they may also set up a new medical assessment on your behalf.

3. Making a list of your losses

Once the evidence is collected, they will put together a list of all the financial losses you intend to claim for, called a 'Schedule of Losses'.

4. Sending a letter to the other side, asking them to pay

This letter will include the list of losses you have suffered. Following this, the other side will need to dispute your claim or accept responsibility and pay the compensation.

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How much can I claim for?

If you’ve had an accident in the last 3 years that wasn’t your fault, simply answer these questions and we will show you how much your claim could be worth.

Then leave your details below, one of our advisors can call you back to discuss your case in more detail and let you know in a couple of minutes whether you can claim for compensation.


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Based on official figures found in The Judicial Studies Board, Guidelines for the assessment of general damages in Personal Injury Cases, 10th Edition, Oxford University Press. see publication

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